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Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

Nice little game, unfortunately I was incredibly bad at the squatting minigame and got very stuck. I love the artstyle. Very cute.

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i got stuck talking to tawall. When i talk to him a second time it wont let me stop talking to him

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same but then i figured out that you have to use the left and right arrow keys to say something else

Really nice idea!

really cool and cute game! I love the art style and story!

A fun and cute mini game.

Also worst pong I ever played.

Really fun game!Cute artsyle, amazing music, and the dialogue makes the player feel somewhat really comfortable with the game. I really liked it. I got a little bit stuck at the pong game, but thats okay.
The designs of the characters are really cute. I really like them. The colors fit eachother really well, and the neons are a really nice touch, especially for a game made in a short time.
The idea for the game is also really interesting. Being in the game itself is a concept ive yet never seen before. 
I really hope to see more projects from you in the future. 

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this was a fun game

hope to see more

cant seem to get past this part even though i clearly won twice ... (first time i got 25 and cuci got 24)


aww. sorry for that. 

fortunately, it's now fixed in the new patch! 

Really cute game, the story is so cool and the music is so relaxing!! (✿ヘᴥヘ)


manyyy thaaanksss ;D

Such A cool game but I got stuck in place when I was interacting with Dunia's Home. Love the art


hey, sorry for that. :(

if you have any detailed info about this, please report it to us. we will try to fix it.


Loved it! So beauiful!!!

thaaaanks! ;D

From Indonesia to the world, yaaay! :) All-in-all, a very unique experience! I had a great time playing this game... I never thought I would find a game about "the dark side" of loading, it has summed up everything about the loading process in real life lol :) This game deserves more attention!

Yey! Thank you for making the video. ;D

My pleasure! :)

And that's beat! Beautiful game, cute graphics, whimsical dialog... kind of short, but actually, it didn't need to be a long game to get the story across. I personally love games like this, with that interesting take on game elements. Like another here on, grey-box testing. Having to use glitches to get past levels, purposefully. Or They have no choice, talking about "destiny" and how the characters in the game, and we as players to an extent, have little choice over our actions. I love zany games that show odd quirks like that~ and yours was just as lovable as those! A cute, short little game about... trying to load a game. 8/10, easily!

many thanks! it's actually a submission for a game jam. that's why it's so short/has a little content. in the future, we would like to expand the game with richer dialogues and much more choices to make the game has more than one ending. with more mini games and other content of course. ;D


Well, I found a gamebreaking glitch~ but complete accident... I wasn't recording video at the time, sadly, so this picture will have to suffice:

How it occurred: I went to this squid-head looking guy, he told me no one can enter. I tried walking around him, just down and around to the right. Apparently, if you try going to the right at all, you're supposed to get bumped left. While this is happening, until you travel far enough left, you can't use your keyboard- can't move until she walks herself left. Well, if you're too far down while you try to sneak right, she'll just continually try walking left against the edge of that building. Since she can't go far enough left, I can't use the keyboard at all. And since I can't use the keyboard, I can't tell her to walk further up and over, or try going more down, or anything. She is stuck walking left... forever.

Weird little glitch~ it's my own fault, trying to go past the obvious secret door xD I'm really not mad about it, just want to bring it to y our attention. I'm gonna refresh and play the game proper now, it look super fun and the art style is amazing!


aw. sorry for that! ;(

good news is, it's now fixed in the new patch! ;)


This was so good! The art is amazing!! Also i think most of the names here are in Indonesian or Malay, which is pretty funny


They're indeed quite similar but we're all Indonesian. :)
For anyone wondering:
Memu@ > Memuat = Loading
Oneka > Boneka = Doll
Dunia = World
Anak = Son
Guri > Gurita = Octopus
Cuci = Wash
Mandi = Taking a bath
Shuriv > Virus (backward) = Virus / Mallware
Tawall > Tahu all = Knowing all


Yeah!! That was really cool, when i saw the names i was surprised and kind of thought how the english pronounciation would sound lol.

the puzzle is a lil frustrating  but other than that its really cute and the character style is adorable :))


thank you for playing :D

you're very welcome :D

Cute game! The story could be a bit more engaging, but I LOVE the character designs and overall art.


this game is made for a game jam submission. and none of us in the team is a writer. if we decide to continue and expand this game, surely we will hire a real professional writer. :D
thanks for playing!

NOoOooOoOoOooOoo, WhhYHyHYYyyY! 

I'll never get to play the game T^T     At least theirs no customer support so she'll keep her "Anyways" Shitty Job! :D

Noooo we'll never know what the game is 😢


Hey, that was neat! The use of swearing felt really out of place (especially when it's like, one character who does it) the story isn't gonna be winning any writing awards any time soon and the way the dialogue boxes were set up meant that I accidentally ended up skipping ones with choices because they look so similar, but that visual presentation is sublime.

Make more stuff please!

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Hey, thanks for playing!

I hear you on the choices, as for the writing, well, none of us is actually a writer lol. But we wanted to try anyway 😂

Will definitely make more stuff in the future!

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this game is relaxing, i love it

the story, art style, music, and character design

are amazing.

please check out my channel

thank you for playing! :D

hmm looks like I'm the main character of a game jk nice job

hahaha. I just noticed that your nickname is Load1n9. thank you for playing! :D

So good! The art style is so nice, and the music is really relaxing! I found the story and the setting very intriguing too! And all the character are so charming, really an amazing work!

thank youuu! :D

Amazing game! Good job devs! GOOOOOO


Very nice game 

Thank you for playing and making the video. :D